DIY Children’s Music and Airplanes

Yes, you read that right. I have, on occasion, been known to DIY a song for my kids if the mood hits me. It doesn’t happen often and sometimes it takes a while to actually finish one. Why? Writing and recording music requires that there not be other sounds happening at the same time: a situation I don’t run across too much anymore. Today, I am thinking of our next trip out to New Jersey to visit my family, which made me think way back to one of our earlier trips a few years ago: the one that resulted in one of my earliest DIY children’s tunes.

My daughter has been on an airplane countless times at this point. Even my 11 month old son has traveled by air a few times already. I would definitely call us seasoned travelers but there was a time when that wasn’t so, and getting ready to take a flight was a daunting task. Enter this tune. We made up a song about airplanes and danced around to it. My daughter loved it! I took out my handy dandy Ipad and recorded it on Garageband and it was the start of what we now refer to as “doodletunes”. There aren’t many doodletunes at this time but I have a few more and think I will pop them up here on the blog as a little mini-series every once in a while. After all, way before there was a “crafty” me, there was a “musical” me!

Even as a musician I tend to forget how important music is in the lives of children. The benefits of exposing them to music of all kinds, to lessons both individual and group, to live performances, and to good old car sing-alongs can not be understated. This particular tune was not only fun for us to sing and dance to, but also gave my daughter something to occupy her mind and give her a sense of familiarity when it was time to board the plane. You can bet she was listening to it and dancing in her seat while waiting for take-off.

I had a gentleman over at animate this a while ago, just for fun and this is what he came up with. I wish I could credit him but he appears to not be offering his services on Fiverr right now and since we only ever contacted each other with usernames and through Fiverr’s messaging system, I don’t have his name to give you. I’ll keep working on that one.

I also think it might be near time to do a travel tips post for traveling with small children so be looking out for that one!

First tip: Bring music they like!

You can get me started with more tips by letting me know what some of your most frustrating travel experiences have been. This is definitely an area in which I can claim expertise!

I hope you and your kids enjoyed the tune and I’ll see you here in a few days with some more travel tips and a few more crafty items!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Children’s Music and Airplanes

  1. Love it, always have!!! Let’s see, I think there is just talented you 🙂 My girl and I are smiling this morning as we prepare to start our studies (boy is sick again). Traveling is so much fun and such a challenge. I can’t wait to learn a few more of your tips. I do car travel well, but we haven’t been on an airplane but once since the boy arrived.


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