The Beginning, The Everything Room, and a High Maintenance Crayon Roll

I’ve been asked a few times how all “this” started. How did I go from being someone who had only ever touched a sewing machine in a high school Home Economics class to THIS, nearly 20 years later? I’ve always viewed sewing as some kind of magical power to which only certain people have access. Need something hemmed? Gotta take it to this person. Need to patch a hole, maybe ask that person – she knows how to sew. Then something happened. We decided to start homeschooling our daughter. She is four years old and we have this fantastic unit study curriculum called “Five in a Row.” Side note: if you have a preschooler and you are considering homeschooling, I highly recommend this program. You can find it here. The premise is this: You read the same children’s book to your child for five straight days and each day you branch out into some area of study using the book as your jumping-off point. For instance (and you’ll see where I am going with this), if you read, The Rag Coat, by Lauren Mills (great book) one of the lessons will be about quilting, and you can attempt a quilting project with your child (they learn about geometric shapes, how a quilt is made, a number of quilting terms, etc). Need I say more? I borrowed my sister-in-law’s spare sewing machine and set out to educate my daughter and myself. We didn’t do anything fancy, just a snuggly rag quilt with squares.

first project

She loves her blanket and I loved making it. I loved making it so much that I purchased my own machine, and made one for my son. I loved making that so much that I made a cover for my laptop, and then a pouch for my gadgets. And on and on. I couldn’t stop, and I still can’t.

I’ve got no time and no space for this but here I am, in my “everything room” (more on the “everything room” in a future post) using a new skill, thanks to the desire to educate not myself, but my child.


So what did I do in the everything room this weekend? Someone ordered a crayon roll in one of the coolest fabrics I had!

Crayon Roll 1Open crayon roll 1

Note to anyone making a crayon roll. If you put crayons in it to test that it rolls up properly, make sure you don’t leave them in there for a while in West Texas heat, or you will be removing melted crayons and making a new crayon roll. I only had about half the fabric left that I needed  so I had to get crafty again and figure out how to make another one using a lot less fabric than I usually do for these, but I was happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to send it to its owner!

I’d love to hear from other crafters out there! How did you get into your current favorite hobby or passion? What are some things you are doing now that you never thought you would be doing?

4 thoughts on “The Beginning, The Everything Room, and a High Maintenance Crayon Roll

  1. I was blessed to be taught to sew by my mother, but my skills really grew when she wasn’t there to save me any more. In the last year, I’ve learned to machine quilt a large project and am learning to work with knits (because soccer uniforms HAD to be altered). Here’s to new adventures!!! And you might want to consider colored pencil rolls for your Texas customers 🙂 I don’t allow crayons in my car because I cannot stand the smell of melted ones. Love you!


    • 🙂 If we lived closer I would be over at your house too much watching you quilt. And this person is actually in NY…so hopefully their crayons won’t melt (though it does get hot there, too). Maybe I need to switch to that wipe-off fabric for these…?


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