No Time For Blogging, either

Well, I promised myself I wouldn’t become a “mommy” blogger. I said to myself, “I don’t want to write about my life, I want to live it!” and “I don’t have time to blog!” Well, now that’s doubly true. I don’t have time for this DIY nonsense and I definitely don’t have time to blog, but the desire to share the new skills I am acquiring, the fun stuff I am making, and the ridiculousness of trying to do this with two small children in the confines of a 34 foot travel trailer has gotten the best of me. My posts will be short. Why? Let me paint you a picture. Just yesterday my ten month old did the following:

1. Attempted to electrocute himself via wall outlet (yes we baby-proof – but he is VERY determined).

2. Pulled my laptop clear off the table by the charger cord (resulting in a thundery crash and a subsequent miracle of a still functional laptop and baby).

3. Somehow found an old tube of Hydrocortisone cream I didn’t even know I still had, unscrewed the cap and attempted to poison himself.

4. Pulled an art easel down on top of himself (resulting in another miracle wherein it fell over him in such a way that he remained between the legs and didn’t get a scratch).

All this and I was just trying to do the dishes, not write a blog. I am currently writing while he sleeps on my lap, and I believe that might be the only safe time to write. So my blogs will reflect the length of his nap times. I will not even get started about the four year old. She could be the subject of an entire other blog. She is also asleep. See where I am going with this? Blog posts may end abruptly. I hope you’ll forgive me.

So this is our house:


Welcome. This is where I cook, clean (sometimes), sew, home school the four year old, nurse the ten month old, and on and on. The nature of my husband’s work right now makes this the best housing option for us and I honestly really like it. It has its obvious downsides but you would be surprised about the number of upsides (probably a topic of another post). This, ladies and gentlemen, is primarily where I learned to sew, and where I make the fun gift items you’ll see on my website, Facebook page and Etsy. It CAN be done. I’ll be reviewing tutorials, creating my own original projects and helping you to appreciate your nice big living room (kidding…kinda). Naptime’s over, folks. Thanks for playing!

🙂 Nicole

3 thoughts on “No Time For Blogging, either

  1. I also said that I would not be interested in blogging. My daughter talked me into starting one the other day and I am starting to like it. I catch myself reading blogs like yours and I have to admit, it helps knowing there are other women out there that are pulling their hair out at times lol. My youngest son is four and he has the energy of ten four year olds. I love every crazy minute of it, but juggling all of it can be a bit much at times.


    • Absolutely! It for sure helps to know there are others out there going through the same nonsense! My four year old is a serious firecracker! I guess I can see how blogging can help release some of that “daily grind” type of stress now and hey, added bonus: I think I am going to get really good at one-handed typing while holding a sleeping baby! Thanks for stopping by!

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